Toronto 72V Typhoon ebike




The Toronto TYPHOON 72V Also available in 60V

Green Choice Moto proudly presents the Toronto 72V Typhoon ebike scooter you will love. It’s a tremendous  bike. Tremendous. Continue to shop online with confidence.  The origins of the motorized bicycle or motorbike can be traced back to the latter part of the 19th century when experimenters began attaching steam engines to stock tricycles and quadracycles. The first true motorized bicycle is generally considered to be the French Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede of 1868.[2][3] The Michaux-Perreaux was followed by the American Roper steam velocipede of 1869, built by Sylvester H. Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts.[2][3] Roper demonstrated his machine at fairs and circuses in the eastern U.S. in 1867,[4] and built a total of 10 examples.[5] These early attempts at propelling a bicycle by means other than the human body were not successful, either practically or commercially. It was not until the 1890s, with the advent of the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (ICE), that the motorized bicycle could be considered a practical machine.

Battery: Tianneng SLA 72V, 20Ah

Controller: 72V, 38A

Motor: Maximum Power: 2700W

Electrical System 12V

Maximum Distance: 80 KM 3 Speeds

Brake Type: Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Available colors: Black, White, Blue, Red

Local pick up is available or shipping rates can be obtained on request.

What a great bike. Drop by for your free test drive or order online.

All new bikes come with a one year warranty on Motor, Controller and battery


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