Green Choice Swift 60V ebike scooter

$1,750.00 $1,599.00



The SWIFT 60V ebike scooter

End of summer sale on now!

Battery: Tianneng SLA 60V 20Ah

Controller: 60V 30A

Motor: Maximum power 1800W

Electrical system: 12V

Maximum Distance: 60km 3 speed

Brake type: Front and rear Hydraulic brakes

Tubeless tires!

Available color: Burgundy, Black, Blue


Great bike to enjoy the commute or weekend ride.

All of our new bikes come with a one year warranty on Parts, Motor, Controller and Battery

In the near future, fuel efficient, zero emission vehicles will use high tech electronics to assist drivers in a wide variety of ways. Vehicles will communicate with each other, with the road and with traffic signals.

Autos and trucks of the future will use vision enhancement devices to help you navigate through bad weather and warn you of a possible collision with a pedestrian or animal. They will also let you know if you are getting drowsy or straying from your lane.

Cars and e-bikes of the future will be radically different than the automobiles of today, and so will the driving experience.

Where did the inspiration of the name ‘Swift’ come from you may ask?

adjective, swifter, swiftest.


moving or capable of moving with great speed or velocity; fleet; rapid:

a swift ship.


coming, happening, or performed quickly or without delay:

a swift decision.


quick or prompt to act or respond:

swift to jump to conclusions.


Slang. quick to perceive or understand; smart; clever:

You can’t cheat him, he’s too swift.




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