Green Choice Sealed Lead Acid Scooter Replacement Battery




Sealed Lead Acid Battery in store and ready when you are. Hit the road with this reliable replacement lead acid battery from Green Choice Moto. 48V 12A $220.00. 48V 20A $280.00. Visit us in store or give us a call so we can introduce you to the battery you need. We also have service bays and will be happy to give you an estimate on your battery change out. Call Green Choice Moto on 647-344-7043 for more details and solid advice for your lead acid needs.

Green Choice Moto uses Tian Neng Batteries widely considered to be the best in the industry. Cheaper batteries will last 3-6 months under normal use where ours will last 3 years. With batteries you really do get what you pay for and here a higher initial investment in quality will lead to a less expensive and more reliable and pleasant e-bike and electric scooter experience.

Lead-acid is the oldest rechargeable battery in existence. Invented by the French physician Gaston Planté in 1859, lead-acid was the first rechargeable battery for commercial use. 150 years later, we still have no cost-effective alternatives for cars, wheelchairs, scooters, golf carts and UPS systems. The lead-acid battery has retained a market share in applications where newer battery chemistries would either be too expensive.
Lead-acid does not lend itself to fast charging. Typical charge time is 6-8 hours for electric scooters. A periodic fully saturated charge is essential to prevent sulfation and the battery must always be stored in a charged state. Leaving the battery in a discharged condition causes sulfation and a recharge may not be possible.

All of our new Lead acid scooter batteries come with a one year warranty.


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