Green Choice Removable Rear Scooter Box




A great sized Green Choice Removable Rear Scooter Box to carry your goodies around. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it. Fits on most bikes and comes with a lock for your important things. Comes in a wide variety of styles and colors and we’re sure you’ll find the shape, size, style and color that’s right for you. Drop in today to say hello or continue your shopping online. Call us on 647-344-7043 for more assistance or help with your questions.

The Green Choice Moto rear scooter box is manufactured from durable ABS plastic with stylish reflective strips and comes in many colours to match your bike or personality. ABS is a tough yet flexible plastic that does not crack and will fit virtually all scooters.

The following items should not be carried with your e-bike:

Explosive and incendiary materials: Gunpowder (including black powder and percussion caps), dynamite, blasting caps, fireworks, flares, plastic explosives, grenades, replicas of incendiary devices, and replicas of plastic explosives.

Flammable Items: Gasoline, gas torches, lighter fluid, cooking fuel, other types of flammable liquid fuel, flammable paints, paint thinner, turpentine, aerosols (exceptions for personal care items, toiletries, or medically related items).

Gases and pressure containers: Aerosols (with the exception of personal care items or toiletries in limited quantities in containers sized three ounces or smaller), carbon dioxide cartridges, oxygen tanks (scuba or medical), mace, tear gas, pepper spray, self-inflating rafts, and deeply refrigerated gases such as liquid nitrogen.

Oxidizers and organic peroxides: Bleach, nitric acid, fertilizers, swimming pool or spa chemicals, and fiberglass repair kits.

Poisons: Weed killers, pesticides, insecticides, rodent poisons, arsenic, and cyanides.

Infectious materials: Medical laboratory specimens, viral organisms, and bacterial cultures.

Corrosives: Drain cleaners, car batteries, wet cell batteries, acids, alkalis, lye, and mercury.

Organics: Fiberglass resins, peroxides.

Radioactive materials: There are some exceptions for implanted radioactive medical devices. Contact Green Choice Moto for details on how to ship other radioactive materials.

Magnetic materials: Strong magnets such as those in some loudspeakers and laboratory equipment.

Other dangerous items: Tear gas, spay paint, swimming pool or spa chlorine, and torch lighters.


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