Green Choice Moto 48V Mobility Scooter



The fun way to get around town!

Take advantage of our 20% off seasonal sale on now. This is a great bike thanks to its reliability and safety. Great for daily duties or just cruising around you will not be disappointed. Come in today for a free test drive and you’ll be sure to fall in love.

Fun, fast but safe and reliable. We have a great selection of these Green Choice Moto 48V Mobility Scooter in stock with varied power levels and colors.“More and more people work in offices, but more office work is also done at home. People are becoming less and less mobile. The sedentary lifestyle has become a real health problem. So it’s important to encourage mobility.  “The armrest has been improved. And all the adjustment controls are clearly visible. That’s important. The adjustment options are used less if they cannot be seen. The core question from an ergonomic viewpoint is to induce the user to adjust his chair.”

Drop into the store today at 321 College Street Toronto or continue with us online and order over the phone.

The distance range of this Green Choice Moto 48V mobility scooter is 60km with 3 speeds and reverse. More than enough to run all your errands with battery to spare. Perfect for scooter use around the neighbourhood.

All of our new bikes come with a one year warranty covering Parts, Motor, Controller and Battery.


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