The Dual Glide 60V Mobility Scooter



Dual Glide 60V Mobility Scooter 

A welcome addition to any family.

Rare find and extremely handy for you and your friends or partner. Come in for a test drive today or continue to shop online with confidence. Delivery is available virtually anywhere in the world or budget permitting, into outer space through our planned partnership with SpaceX sometime in the future. Please call for an estimate outside the Toronto area. Delivery to within 100km of downtown Toronto is free of charge.

Whether it’s down to the store to grab some groceries or a bit of a cruise around town with a friend, this is the double seat mobility scooter is the one for you.

Dual seat mobility scooter that will ensure lots of storage space and carrying capacity. This Dual Glide Mobility Scooter is a real head turned and an investment you’ll be proud of for years to come. You are welcome to choose your favorite colour to personalize your ride.


Controller: 60V 30A

Battery: Tianneng SLA 60V, 20AH,

Motor: Maximum Power: 1800W

Electrical system: 12V

Maximum Distance: 60 KM 3 Speeds

Brake Type: Front Disc & Rear Drum Brakes.

Available colors: White, Black, Blue

All of our bikes come with a one year warranty on Parts, Motor, Controller and Battery.

The stretch limo of scooters!

Definition of stretch limo

  1. :  a very large and fancy car that is longer than standard cars and that is driven by a professional driver.

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