72V Green Choice Moto Chopper



And great bike for the commute or weekend ride. Behold friends, the 72V Green Choice Moto Chopper.

Battery: Tianneng SLA 72V, 20AH

Controller: 72V 38A  

Motor: Maximum Power: 2700W

Electrical system: 12V

Maximum Distance: 80 KM 3 Speeds

Brake Type: Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Available colors: Black, Blue, Red

During the 1960s, the moped craze arrived in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Mopeds had been produced for years in France and Italy, but were largely unknown in other countries. The moped’s surge in popularity was motivated by the arrival of new machines produced in Japan by Honda, Yamaha, and other manufacturers, which could be operated without a driver’s license and with a minimum of effort to meet existing regulation by the authorities. The new moped designs were really low-powered motorcycles, equipped with pedals largely to meet legal requirements. Most could be pedaled only with difficulty over short distances on level ground.Motorized bicycles using electric motors have also re-entered the market. Electrically powered bicycles use batteries, which have a limited capacity and thus a limited range, particularly when large amounts of power are utilized. This design limitation means that the use of the electric motor as an assist to pedal propulsion is more emphasized than is the case with an internal combustion engine. While costly, new types of lithium batteries along with electronic controls now offer users increased power and range while reducing overall weight. Newer electric motor bicycle designs are gaining increasing acceptance, particularly in countries where increasing traffic congestion, aging populations, and concern for the environment have stimulated development and usage. In Canada, each province has its own authority over motor vehicle and transportation laws, including classification of vehicles used on public roads. Motorized bicycles using an internal combustion engine under 100 cc are generally legally indistinguishable from a bicycle on public roads.

All new Green Choice Moto bikes come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on motor, battery and controller. Shop in store or online today for the best sales and service in the business.


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