E-bikes and Electric scooters

E-bikes Electric scooters

Here, you’ll find the Ebike or electric Scooter you’re looking for.

Simply click on the ebike, scooter or mobility scooter you love and follow the steps through delivery.

Test drives are also available if you’re in the Toronto area and if not, we stand behind our products 100% with a one year warranty on the battery, motor and controller. We accept cash, credit card, interact and PayPal so you can shop with confidence with your favorite payment method.

Shipping is available worldwide so keep your loved ones in mind wherever they may be. We have programs in place that reward you for referrals so if you know someone that is thinking of buying a scooter and your referral leads to a sale, we will be happy to reward you. If you have found your hidden talent in sales, talk to us about becoming a dealer. We love our customers and believe in our products. Here’s to the future!

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