Laws & Regulations

Green Choice Moto offers the Laws & Regulations you will need to make informed decisions concerning your electric vehicle life and personal safety.

Ministry of Ontario – Transportation


Toronto Police:

Bicycle safety

Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling:

Cycling Skills

City of Toronto

Safety & Education

• Tires – Inflate to the recommended tire pressure as shown on the tire.

• Spokes – Check for and replace loose, bent or broken spokes.

• Wheels – Make sure wheels are centred in the forks and not touching the brake blocks. Check the rim for side to-

side wobbles and up and down hops by watching the wheel spin past the brakes or frame. More than half a

centimetre of wobble is cause for concern.

• Coaster Brakes – Check that the bolt holding the brake arm to the frame clip is tight.

• Helmet – Make sure that your helmet meets safety standards (e.g. Snell, CSA, ANSI, ASTM, BSI, SAA, CPSC) and

has not been damaged in a collision.

Keep your bike secure

• Always carry a quality bicycle lock when riding and always lock your bike and quick release items like your wheels and

seat to something solid.