ebike Toronto Gallery Green Choice Moto.

Here we’d like to share current events and showcase some of the bikes, ebikes and scooters we have on offer online and from our retail outlet in Toronto. Feel free to continue to shop online with confidence or drop by as we are open 7 days per week and are looking forward to meeting you. Everyday is a great day to ride your e-bike or scooter as long as the roads aren’t slippery. Otherwise, many people enjoy their commute, errands or just running around for fun in all temperatures and conditions. We have knowledgeable mechanics onsite year round to help with everything from a burnt out lightbulb to battery change to flat tires and beyond.

Take this opportunity while you are visiting the site to check out some of our interesting blog posts and other pages full of useful information on various aspects of your riding life. Green Choice Moto has you covered again. We are in your corner so please drop by for a visit or continue to shop online with confidence. In addition to this site, we also can be seen at www.greenmoto.ca and on various sites such as Kijiji.ca, eBay and Craigslist. We are proud of what we sell and are happy to support this industry.

If you would like to contribute to the gallery with your own pictures of course you are welcome to do so. Just send us your pictures and we will do what we can to help you sow them off to the world. Follow us on Instagram too for all the latest. We would love to see what you’ve been up to on the bikes and hear some of your most interesting stories!