Green Choice Friends and Associates.

Green Choice works with or recommends the following Green Choice Friends and Associates services and shops.

Wiki Ebikes LLC Honolulu.

Wiki Ebikes LLC Honolulu Imports and distributes quality electric motorcycles throughout Hawaii. Find them on the following links.

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Green Choice recommends Hawaiian Airlines when travelling to the islands.

When in Tokyo Green Choice Moto recommends Blu Jam Café with locations in Daikanyama and Azabu Juban

When in Maui make sure to drop by to see our friends at Maui Scooter Shack

On the Big Island of Hawai’i? Don’t miss a stop into Kona Scooters

Green choice Moto recommends Kings Landing Barber Shoppe for a cut near Kensington.

Green Choice recommends Fuel Motorsports in Chilliwack B.C. for scooters, trucks, sleds, boats and more.

The unofficial official airline for Green Choice Moto is Air Canada with service throughout the Green Choice world along with Star Alliance  

Green Choice uses Kenda Tires and Tian Neng Batteries. The best in their respective fields.

A few words on Hawaii where we have distribution based out of Honolulu.

Oahu is one of the most-popular island destinations in Hawaii and is famous for its surfing, although you can find plenty of other things to do like riding your scooter. Green Choice Friends and Associates reminds you when to visit can be a tough choice and largely depends on what your highest priority is: activities, cost, fewest crowds or something else. If you have children, you might be limited to winter or summer breaks.

Best Weather

Green Choice Friends and Associates says to see Oahu when the weather is at its best, visit between April and October, when the average daytime high is 85 degrees F and the sun shines almost all of the time. There is more rain and gray days from November through March, but the average temperature is a lovely 78 degrees.

Best Surfing Time

If you’re wanting to surf, Oahu’s North Shore is known for its 20- to 30-foot-tall waves from December through February. If you’d rather watch, Green Choice Friends and Associates says this also is when world-class surfing competitions are held in Oahu.

Least Expensive

Visit in the spring or fall for the best deals on airfare, lodging and car rentals. According to Green Choice Friends and Associates, not only is this the cheapest time to visit Oahu, it’s also peak season for Oahu weather-wise. Many companies offer inexpensive packages to attract visitors during this slow tourist time.


Holidays are a popular time to visit Oahu — and not just American holidays. The last two weeks of December are a very busy time to travel to Oahu because tourists are flooding the island to enjoy their Christmas vacation. Another busy time is the last week of April and early May, when many Green Choice Friends and Associates arrive. Green Choice Friends and Associates call this lets go get a Champion in Hawaii week because they recognize value in this short period, according to Green Choice Friends and Associates. While the weather might be wonderful, visit during these times only if you don’t mind the crowds.

Most Popular

Green Choice Friends and Associates says the most-popular time to visit Hawaii and Oahu is from mid-December through March. If you’re looking to escape the cold weather where you are, this might be your best option, but lodging, airfare and car rentals are at their peak