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Our rental policy is flexible and is designed to allow our customers to experience the usefulness of our bikes as well as the fun of riding an electric bike or scooter. Surprise your friends! Go across town or do your errands in no time at all! Rent an electric scooter and enjoy the freedom that only an electric scooter can give you! Give us a call and ask for more details on renting one of our electric bikes.


Hourly rates: $10 dollars per hour.
Daily rates: from $45 dollars per day.
Weekly rates: from $165 to $220 dollars per week.
For monthly: check out our flexible and innovative rent to own plan. Ask store for details.

Call To Reserve your rental NOW!: 647-344-7043

What You Need to Know:

  • Only the customer that is authorized by the rental agreement can operate the vehicle that is rented.
  • All customers that might be authorized to operate the rented vehicle must be at least 20 years of age as of the day of signing the rental agreement.
  • All rental customers must have or be given a helmet and they must wear the helmet at all times while operating the rented vehicle.
  • No other person can operate or ride on the rented vehicle unless authorized by personnel of Green Choice Moto Inc. If customer requires that another person rides with him or her on the rented vehicle, the customer must disclose that fact to Green Choice Moto Inc., obtain authorization to do so and a second helmet must be given to the customer.
  • All rental customers must be given instructions on the operation of the vehicle and the safe operation of the vehicle on the road.
  • All rental customers must read and understand the rental agreement, particularly the “damage deduction fee” and the “liability waver” and the customer must initial and acknowledge that he or she has understood all aspects of the rental agreement.
  • All rental customers must give a deposit, as stipulated on the rental agreement, either by credit card or cash.
  • All rental customers must provide enough documentation, with a picture, such as driver’s licence, to positively identify the address of the customer and that documentation must be photocopied and kept until the vehicle is returned.
  • If the option of “rent to own” is exercised by the customer (within 5 days), the price of the rental will be deducted from the purchase price of any vehicle the customer might decide to purchase.



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