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In today’s blog we will discuss differences in culture between Asia, specifically Vietnam and Cambodia, and that of the Western world, specifically Canada and the U.S. Some factors involve the weather. Some reasoning may be due to convenience and proximity.

Asia has either the advantage or disadvantage depending on your point of view of a dense population and higher density in infrastructure. Because of this, none of life’s necessities are very far away. Definitely within reach of a quick scooter ride and much faster considering the array of people, vendors, bikes, cars and trucks on roads more narrow than North Americans are used to.

The economy of these countries are also an important factor. Bikes and scooters are for obvious reasons much more economical when considering parking at home and away and also fuel and insurance costs. But once again, time is another important factor as whole days can be lost in going even short distances. Weather can also be mentioned as it is typically more favorable for longer barring any monsoon rains or other severe storms. Culture also has a role in this which will be discussed next.

North Americans usually have a different sense of personal space compared to those raised in high population Asian centers. The west prides themselves on their personal space but because of this we see the infamous LA freeway image come to mind among nightmare tales of traffic in every major city around the world. Ebikes, e-bikes and scooters simply are the way of the future and Green Choice Moto is here to help. Call John or Bill today to start making a positive difference in your life today.

Personal Transportation Asia can teach us a lot in other parts of the world of saving time and money with our personal transportation choices. Once again, drop by Green Choice Moto today for help.

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