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A Green Choice Moto Toronto take on the industry

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Although Electric transportation has been around longer than gas powered transportation as seen here (thank you Wikipedia) for various debatable reasons only recently have we seen a resurgence partly in part to a social shift and partly credited to people like Musk who in his own way has tried to forward the industry to give the general population either access to Electric Transportation with the Tesla Model 3 or at least a ready spot from which to criticize. Mainstream auto makers who have been the keepers of the gate so to speak thus far have been forced somewhat to take notice and have seemingly responded accordingly. This writer has a deposit down on the Model 3 to be delivered at some point in the as of yet distant future. Famous too are stories of Nikola Tesla and Edison but that’s another story all in its own. I digress. Let’s look at what is going on at more of a local level.

More accessible and therefore more identifiable as of late has been the rise in popularity of the electric scooter, e-bike or ebike as they are typically referred to. Due to their visibility then, out of the woodwork have arrived many experts and armchair quarterbacks alike all with their own professional opinions. So what are we hearing? These bikes have polarized many people from all walks of life and all carry their own agenda or reasoning for feeling the way they do. What are some of them saying?

Proponents of the ebike cite their friendly nature to the environment with zero emissions. The typical charge from flat being about 6 hours means a cost per charge of about CAD 8 cents or just over 4 pence giving a range of about 70 km and speed of 35km/hr. Opponents to this argument are quick to mention the cost of producing energy and the production of the plastic components. More specifically the production and eventual disposal of the batteries, either Sealed Lead Acid or Lithium, is sooner or later mentioned. Both are valid points. The debate continues on. Fossil fuels and electric, hydro, wind and solar enjoy their place in our lives at least at present.

We often hear of the stereotypical e-bike owner. We at Green Choice Moto for better or worse were targeted by the Globe and Mail, the largest circulation newspaper in Canada.

The article in itself isn’t a bad read but the journalist seemed a bit bias from the start. The animosity between drivers and bikers of all sorts and even between different types of bikers seems to be alive and well at least in this part of the world. It has become a love-hate relationship of sorts and shows little sign of receding as of yet.

Cost and maintenance is on the side of the ebike. The initial purchase cost of a Green Choice Moto scooter of a good size is in the neighbourhood of CAD $2,000 or GBP1,060. The bike really only consists of few main components being the battery, motor and controller which keeps maintenance to a minimum. Other than these main parts common to all bikes, it is up to personal preference on body style and size. An ebike properly cared for will last many years with a battery replacement every three years on average for Sealed Lead Acid. More for Lithium Ion, a lighter battery but at a higher cost. Currently in many areas there are no requirements for a driver’s licence, insurance or registration or parking fees as long as the bike follows certain guidelines with respect to speed and power. This puts the bikes in a different galaxy compared to auto ownership costs and quickly pays for itself if the monthly transit passed can be shunned. How, you may ask, can these bikes be offered at such a reasonable price?

Green Choice Moto sources its own parts and has a hand in the design process of our bikes. We have people on both sides of the Pacific to ensure quality from manufacture to sales and service and this helps bring our costs down which we are then able to pass along to our customers and dealer partners.

In addition to retail sales out of our Toronto, Canada location, Green Choice Moto offers great dealer packages worldwide shipped direct. Having our own people throughout the process means we are also able to take the risk and uncertainty out of import and give great peace of mind at a great price. There is always someone to talk with and as a family business we are not only bent on customer satisfaction but look forward to developing long lasting relationships. If this interests you, please let us know.

The future is upon us and we at Green Choice Moto are proud to be a part of it. Just as a forum like this with a worldwide audience and participation wasn’t possible only a short number of years ago, nor were options in electric transportation as we see today. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and feel free to contact us at anytime to either say hello or start a conversation on how we can do our part together to propel the industry or create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Thank you again to the Eco Vehicle Exchange for providing a forum for people from varied walks of life and varied parts of the world to have the chance to come together and create something much greater than the sum of its parts. We at Green Choice Moto feel honoured to have the chance to make some kind of contribution big or small and look forward to our mutual success.

Thank you for your time and have a great rest of your day or night wherever you may be.

Green Choice Moto

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