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Average Commute Times and Distance

Average Daily Commute Time and Distance

Based on  Average Commute Times and Distance we see Green Choice Moto Electric ebikes, e-bikes and Scooters are up for the job.

Here is a good article we found albeit it talks about an electric Chevy Volt. 

Well, let’s look at some numbers, shall we? Depending on who you’re listening to — the Canadian Automobile Association, for instance, or the Department of Transportation — the average commuter drives anywhere between 29 and 37 miles (45 and 60 kilometres) a day. Automakers trying to promote EVs often used to quote statistics as low as 12 miles (20 km) in an attempt to quell consumers’ worry about running out of electrons, but that’s just because the CAA says that daily commute is usually made up of two individual trips per day. Whatever the case, as electric vehicle proponents themselves are fond of pointing out, the average North American’s daily commute is well within the purview of any EV. Tap into the guesthouse’s 110-volt line for an evening and, presto, three days more of combustion-free touring. Not a drop of gasoline used. Not a gram of CO2 emitted. Indeed, there was absolutely no internal combusting at all until we were forced to drive 95 miles to come home and, even then, our hydrocarbon usage was minimal, because the first 40 miles or so — the range, like all electric cars, is reduced when you’re throttling along at 70 mph in the fast lane — were lithium-ion powered. In other words, our carbon footprint was greatly reduced.

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