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E-Bike Education Green Choice Moto. What is an E-Bike? Basically, it is a bicycle that is “Power Assisted” or powered partially by an electric motor with the capability to pedal if you choose. An Electric Scooter is completely powered by electric motor but also has pedals, which is still an E-Bike…both having the same laws as a bicycle. Also, to add to the list, are Mobility Scooters, designed usually with 3 wheels and allow the passenger to be seated, giving them added stability and…Mobility! Actually, there are MANY great styles of E-bikes I have seen…but which one is BEST for you?
Are you a bicycle enthusiast and concerned getting exercise while you ride?

Power Assisted E-Bike

This is a Power Assisted Bicycle that, when you pedal one revolution, a sensor is triggered and the motor is engages until you stop pedaling. You can choose to not use the battery during times when you want to exercise OR use the motor’s assistance by turning the battery on with a key for the ride home from work after a long day. This Particular E-Bike has a Lithium ion battery that will hold a charge for 80km and go about 30Km/hr.
Are you somebody who has to carry a passenger many places you travel? (Child / Significant Other)

Large Seat

Kids Seat

If you are travelling often with a partner, I would suggest a larger seat and a scooter like an EM-09 (Road Eagle) or EM-10 so you both are comfortable and you also have sufficient power and very little speed hindrance for hills and starts.

As for Travelling with kids, the 815Z is a good choice because it has a back seat where they can hold onto a handle-bar OR you could attach a kids seat in the current back seat’s place.
Are you a bit heavier than the average rider?

Good For Larger Riders

We realize that Big People need Big bikes with large load capacity and room , so they will be comfortable and maintain a good speed when riding. The EM-09 (Road Eagle) and The EM-10 are good choices with over 500lb weight capacity.
Do you need to carry a lot of baggage when you travel? (groceries, work supplies, instruments)

Storage Space in The Seat

Trunk Space

Basket Storage

Your E-Bike or Electric Scooter is your Best Friend, and you rely on it to be able to carry your cargo. Some E-Bikes have more storage than others. The EM-09 (Road Eagle) has Great seat storage and Trunk space, while the 249Z has an optional large rear cargo storage and baskets in the front. These come in handy for groceries and quick trips and helmet storage.
Do you have a disability that lessens the strength in your legs to balance a 2 wheel bike?

Mobility Scooters

Starting in January we will be carrying a Mobility scooter the ET-08, for those who cannot handle a 2 wheel E-Bike due to physical limitations of balance and strength.
Are you living in a House with Garage or Apartment with no Storage?

Seat Battery For Easy Removal

Weighs about 40lbs

Battery In Floor

Key Lock for Security

Lift and Unplug (~50lb)

Living in an apartment means you probably have no storage space or place to plug your E-Bike in and you have to lock your E-Bike outside and carry a battery up to your apartment for charging. In this situation I would recommend a battery that is easy to remove and carry like these have: 815Z, 249Z or the 807Z, weighing only about 40 Pds. If you live in a house and have a place to plug your battery in directly to the seat of the scooter by extension cord, leaving the battery in the bike OR taking it out during the winter months then the floor batteries would be fine, which can be more awkward to remove regularly.
Do you need or prefer a smoother more comfortable ride OR need agility and ZIP to get from A to B?

Zippy or Cruising?

Some people prefer agility and “zippyness” for getting around the city streets like the 815Z or the Wind Storm ideal for shorter distances. Some prefer the heavier suspension and size of a larger model like the EM-09 (Road Eagle) or EM-10….or just larger models in general for going further distances.
Are you travelling long distances over 20KM one way OR just short Jaunts around the city?

Lead Acid

Lithium Ion

Sealed Gel Lead Acid Batteries are the standard and in most of Electric Scooters. A Good Lead Acid battery will hold a charge for 60-70Km, however are heavier than the Lithium ion batteries. The Lithium ion battery is made of individual cells and will give you distances of similar style to the Lead acid of 70-100Km, charge a couple of hours faster and weigh about 70% less. Lead acid batteries cost on average $500 and Lithium ion cost about $700+. If you get a Lead Acid battery initially, you CAN upgrade eventually to a Lithium ion anytime – they both will fit your E-bike. At Green Choice Moto we source the highest quality Lead Acid batteries in the world made by Tianning.
Are you concerned about looking good on a scooter? Style is important.

Wind Storm



EM-09 (Road Eagle)

I have heard that E-Bikes don’t look cool enough for some people to ride. All Green Choice bikes are chosen for Quality and Style. Having Drivin all Green Choice E-Bikes – I can’t tell you how many times heard people standing on the curb when I stopped say “Wow! Nice Bike.” or “I have to get one of those”.

Hopefully this helps you decide which E-Bike is best for you and your needs. The BEST way to know is to come by and TEST DRIVE one. You will fall in love and we surely will have a style that meets your needs. See you soon!

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