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Choosing an Electric Bike or Scooter. So, you have decided to look into buying an electric bike or scooter…Great Choice! Now, the tough part is deciding which bike to buy and why. As it turn out, electric scooters are very inexpensive (around $1500) and, if chosen correctly, will last you many years with little or no problems. They are very simple compared to a gas powered vehicle, having very few components to breakdown or to maintain and much lighter and efficient – 90% VS. 15% for a Gas Vehicle…costing only about $0.08 / Charge. Did I mention that they also all have pedals? This means by law, they are bicycles and require no licence and insurance, just a helmet.

There are 3 main parts to an E-Bike:

Motor – (on the back wheel)
Battery – (Lead acid OR Lithium ion)
Controller – (Brain)

☞ The rest is mostly wiring and plastic or metal shell.

What are some key things you should look for when choosing an E-bike?

  • Manufacturer Name Brand (Not Dealer’s Name Written on the side of the Bike)
  • Parts Available for the Bike
  • How long has the Dealer been in Business
  • Is the Dealer Knowledgeable and Educates you Properly
  • What is the Warranty and what it covers
  • Does the Dealer do their own repairs
  • What are YOUR requirements (Storage Capacity, Parking – Home or Apt, Weight Load, Distance Needed, Comfort…ETC.)

Your electric bike will become your best friend, and if all the questions are asked and requirements met, you will probably never choose to drive a car or have to wait for the street car again.

  • At Green Choice Moto, we source the parts before we even consider the bringing the bikes into the store. The manufacture is very important to us and we do NOT claim the bike as we are the manufacturer – Xinri, the line we carry, is the biggest E-bike manufactures in the world, also producing their own components and meet all the highest quality standards necessary.
  • Green Choice Moto has been in the Electric Scooter Market for 6 yrs at 321 College St. Toronto. Scooter stores have opened and closed due to many reasons, one being the ability to service their E-Bikes. At Green Choice Moto, we have the most knowledgeable mechanics in the business to meet this need and staff to manage your business, repairing most of the variety of scooters in the Toronto area.
  • With every E-Bike sold at Green Choice Moto, we provide a full comprehensive warranty that includes the Motor, Controller…AND Battery. All our components are chosen for their quality and performance.

There are many features you can choose when buying an E-Bike that reflect a riders specific needs and requirements:

  • Storage space for groceries or work related needs
  • Size (or load capacity) based on the weight of a rider
  • Distance needed to travel daily are a few of the basic needs to meet.

Most Electric Scooters will travel about 60KM on one full charge and take 4-6 hrs to charge if fully drained. The speed they go is about 35Km/hr which might seem slow, however get from point A-B faster than a car travelling downtown stopping frequently. The only thing a E-Bike stops for is lights – using the bicycle lanes and side of the road to travel. What kind of requirements do you have?

When your ready come by and see us a Green Choice Moto and we will help you find an E-Bike that meets all your needs.

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