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Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto

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Green Choice Moto has distribution facilities in Toronto, Vancouver, Honolulu and Shanghai  

We’ve moved effective Oct. 1st! Find us at the larger, new and improved Green Choice Moto at:

982 Danforth Avenue in Toronto between Pape and Greenwood stations


Deliveries for wholesale and retail customers will be available from Vancouver, Canada serving Western Canada and the Western United States from Mid-September.

Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto

In store special pricing is on now!!! 



Attention dealers:

The prices you see listed on this site are retail prices. For wholesale, dealer and bulk pricing please mail to or call John or Bill on +1-647-344-7043

Did you know…Green Choice Moto not only serves the public but also offers very attractive packages for bulk sales for existing ebike dealers. What sets us apart is our people. We have our own people in the factory in Shanghai to ensure quality in the parts we source and preliminary assembly before the container door closes. We take the stress and worry out of the import process and are here to help you take your ebike business to the next level. Call John in Toronto or Derek in Tokyo with your questions.



Green Choice is standing by to answer your retail and wholesale questions. Call now on the numbers below. 



For Continental North American inquiries:


10:00-20:00 EST


For worldwide inquiries outside continental North America or Hawai’i:


  08:00-22:00 JST



For all your inquiries for the Hawaiian Islands:


10:00-18:00 Hawai’i


Why us?

Green Choice Moto! Scooters, ebikes Green Choice Moto

Toronto’s Electric Scooter Shop; Specializing in  Repairs & Rentals. Visit us for our best pricing & honest service!!

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  • Over 20 yrs. Engineering Background
  • Top Quality Electric Scooters
  • Service, Rental and Repair
  • High Scale Certified Mechanics
  • Proven Quality Customer Service
  • Member of LEVA
  • Jonathan Davis
    I appreciate the honesty, the friendliness and the promptness of your service. I would go no where else.
  • Luis Thomas
    Good service again. Thanks for the thorough inspection and preventative maintenance recommendations. Providing a recommended time frame as opposed to the hard sell is much appreciated. John is great to deal with and the work done is always reliable.
  • Lisa Patterson
    Good morning Vassilios. Just wanted to Thank you for the great repair.

Electric Scooters & E-Bike Services

We repair all types of Scooters and have the best trade in program in Toronto

Bring us your sadness and pain, scooter related, and we will get you back on the road with a smile.

E-Bike Roadside Assistance

We charge a minimum of $50 for roadside assistance less than 2 km from our shop, and $2 per km will be charged after 2 km. If the e-bike is no longer under warranty, extra labour or parts will be charged.

E-Bike Comprehensive One Year Warranty

All electric bicycles and electric scooters including their batteries sold through Green Choice Moto are covered by the best comprehensive warranty in the market. Our warranty cover the motor, controller, parts and battery for one year from purchase as long as tune up and maintenance guidelines are followed. See in store for details.

Electric Scooter & E-Bike Safety

At Green Choice Moto your safety is our top concern.  Our basic philosophy concerning safety is that there is no such thing as too much safety.

Electric Scooter Rentals

Our rental policy is flexible and is designed to allow our customers to experience the usefulness of our bikes as well as the fun of riding an electric bike or scooter.

Electric Scooter & E-Bike Warranty

All electric bicycles and electric scooters including their batteries sold through GCM are covered by the best comprehensive warranty in the market. Our warranty includes the motor, controller, parts and battery for one year from purchase and if maintenance guidelines are followed. See in store for details. Scooters, ebikes Green Choice Moto

Why Choose Electric Scooters & E-Bikes?

At Green Choice Moto we believe that consumers have a choice when it comes to Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto, so why not save money and the environment. Click this link for more information on why this is important. World air quality index. Scooters, ebikes Green Choice Moto.

Electric Scooter & E-Bike Battery Care

At Green Choice Moto, we pride ourselves on providing the HIGHEST QUALITY service and products including education to our customers about the care of their Electric Scooters and electric motorcycles. All repairs are charged at $60.00/hour plus parts and taxes. We have professional electric scooter technicians on site. We are happy to repair all makes and models and offer a fair trade in value toward a new bike purchase. Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto.

FAQ’S & Blog

  • What do we do?

    Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto. We provide mechanic inspection maintenance and repair services for electric scooters and e bikes

  • Do you have a service department?

    All of our electric scooters are serviced right in our retail store located at 321 College St, Toronto, ON

  • Do you repair other scooter brands?

    We Repair ALL E-Bikes! Give us a call and our Highly Qualified Staff will give you a Quote and Repair your E-Bike. We have the BEST Mechanics, Knowledge, Parts and Prices in the business.

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Electric Scooters ebikes Green Choice Moto Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm

Meet our Green Choice Moto Specialists



President and CEO
Tel: 647-344-7043


Sales Manager and Business Development
Tel: 647-344-7043




Mechanic, warehouse and transport
Tel: 647-344-7043


Pacific Rim regional manager
Tel: +81-80-7955-0507